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our story

hi, my name is Aline and I'm the face behind enila.

owning a place where people can enjoy handcrafted vegan goods has always been my dream, but I never knew what the right time was to finally take the step to open my own café.

being vegan myself for several years, I noticed the lack of plant based food and restaurants in and around Basel and especially when it comes to ice cream, vegans are often left with only a few options that are mostly sorbets. 

I wanted to change that and set myself the goal to create creamy plant based ice cream people could not tell the difference in flavor and texture to regular ice cream.

I then bought my first ever ice cream machine and started creating my own recipes. you were able to find me every day in the kitchen at home baking mix-in's, cooking sauces and compotes, mixing ingredients and churning ice cream.

I got more and more convinced so I started looking at shops to rent. finding the perfect one was not easy and took me several months until I finally signed the lease of my dream store.

construction work took several months and included many ups and downs. after 3 months we were finally ready to open our doors for the very first time. what a journey it has been so far! 

you can now find us at Klybeckstrasse 58 in Basel.


our philosophy


we decide what ice cream flavors get produced based on what's in

season at the moment,

meaning we place a high value on seasonal products.


we use organic ingredients and try to buy as local products as possible. We get our high quality dry ingredients like nuts, nut butters and cereals from KoRo.


all our packaging is made out of sustainable material and is biodegradable.



what makes us special is that we make everything ourselves by hand with

premium and natural ingredients.


our manufactory is at least 50% ice cream production and 50% bakery. we put a lot of time and love into making all of our inclusions like cookies, brownies, fruit

compotes, etc. instead of getting them elsewhere.


we also make our own ice cream base out of homemade cashew and coconut milk.


we wanted to create something special for people to enjoy at any given time.

no matter the weather, the time or the season - it's always ice cream time for us.

come by, say hi and treat yourself!



ice cream

our treats

  • we produce artisanal ice cream in our ice cream laboratory in Basel.
    our flavors change seasonally and we will always offer gluten-free options. we love creating new special ice cream flavors you can't find anywhere else.
    try our homemade vegan cones with one, two or even three scoops of ice cream.

  • we also offer delicious (coffee) drinks like cappuccinos, caffe lattes, iced lattes, dirty chais and our newest addition: matcha latte.

  • additionally, we bake fresh new york style cookies. enjoy them warm with a cup of coffee or take them home.

  • during the colder months we offer our vegan waffle brunch on the weekends. warm waffles in combination with our ice cream - a dream come true!

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